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Reese Roper Interview

Today we had the opportunity to chat with Reese Roper, of the band braveSaintSaturn, about their new release Anti-Meridian. The total runtime is about 45 minutes; topics covered include future plans for the group, stylistic influences, going indie, what’s going in the lives of the band, some Five Iron Frenzy news, and the deep meaning of the number 46. They have a new album coming out that you can buy at

The Full Interview:

Well, this is a good problem, but so many people are listening you broke our server. Ha, not really, but we exceeded the monthly bandwidth on our hosting service. I’m putting it on a new one right now, and also there is a direct download available right here.
Alright, here’s an alternate streaming option:

Did I mention they have a new album coming out that you can buy at
Audio clips used in the interview:
Daylight, Brave Saint Saturn, Light of Things Hoped For
Blessed Are The Land Mines, Brave Saint Saturn, Anti-Meridian
Here Is The News, Electric Light Orchestra, Time
Mercenary, Brave Saint Saturn, Anti-Meridian*

*Click Here to help get this song on the radio!

Also, the new album is available at


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Hard Rock Night, 10-14-08

Some nights you need beautiful music.

Some nights…

…you just need to rock.

Tonight was that night.


Ride, Rope and Destroy- Guerilla Rodeo, Guerilla Rodeo
American Kryptonite- Five Iron Frenzy, The End is Near
God is Not a Secret- The Newsboys, Shine The Hits
Amplify- Roper, Brace Yourself for the Mediocre
Redemption- For Today, Ekklesia
Jesus Freak- dc Talk, Jesus Freak
Crossfire- Pillar, The Reckoning
No Fall To Far- Becoming the Archetype, Terminate Damnation
Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste- Norma Jean, Bless The Martyr & Kiss The Child
Blessed Are The Land Mines- Brave Saint Saturn, Anti-Meridian
Two More Weeks To Go- The W’s, Trouble with X

Here is the air-check. It is a very rough cut; but I am a lazy person. Also we talked way too long yet again tonight. I hereby officially promise to work on that.

A couple of special announcements that were made tonight:
-There will be a benefit concert at Homer’s Coffee House on 80th and Metcalf on October 31st. Go and enjoy some amazing coffee beverages, some sweet music, and support a good cause. Also wear a costume.
-Becoming the Archetype has a new album coming out in early November, and the first track from this album will  be on their MySpace on the 20th of this month.
-We will be interviewing braveSaintSaturn this Wednesday, and the whole interview will be hosted uncut(ish) on the blog and broadcast in parts on the web-stream. Check it out!
-braveSaintSaturn has a brand new album, Anti-Meridian, available at and on iTunes. You are required by the laws of awesomeness to check it out. Thanks to Dennis, Keith, Reese, and Andy for putting this out.

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braveSaintSaturn Interview

We will be interviewing the band braveSaintSaturn about their brand-new third album, Anti-Meridian. The interview will be held this Wednesday (Oct 15) at 4 pm and will be aired regularly after that. So. If you have questions you would like to ask the band, post them here, and we will select the best ones to ask the guys.
Thanks, and take time to listen.

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10-9-08: Theme Night #1: Vehicles

Tonight’s show playlist is built around the theme of vehicles. Any form of transportation. Cars. Trains. Planes. Bulldozers. Saddled monkeys. Anything. If you have a request, post it below.

Blue Comb ’78 – Five Iron Frenzy
Getaway Car – TobyMac
Chevette – Audio Adrenaline
K Car – Relient K
There Is A Treason At Sea – DC Talk
Airplane – Bethany Dillon
Lawnscaping with Musketball Clive
Love Train – Beyond the Blue (special thanks to Marty Funderburk)
Jury Duty – The OC Supertones
Company Car – Switchfoot
A Beautiful Collision – David Crowder Band
Student  Driver – Stellar Kart
When I Go Out – Five Iron Frenzy
The Change – Steven Curtis Chapman
Student Driver – Stellar Kart
Southbound Train – John Foreman
Always Just Beneath the Dawn – Brave Saint Saturn
Somewhere Between The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, by The W’s (super-rare track from their unreleased, unfinished third album)
Also, look for our Mike Huckabee bumper, and the long-awaited return of Musketball Clive.

We talked way, way, way too long tonight, but we had fun, and we were wearing costumes. So. Anyway:

Also, please let us know what you thought of the costumes if you were watching on tv. So. Alright. Good night.

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Awesome Show Night, 10-2-08

Showtime: 11pm-Midnight Central

That’s right, our theme for this night is an awesome show. Meaning we will play any music that makes our show awesome. Make your requests now and listen in at! Call us at 913-971-3486!

Playlist (not the whole thing, just what I can remember off the top of my head):
Audio Adrenaline, Mighty Good Leader
DC Talk, Jesus Is Just Alright
The Supertones, Jury Duty
Carmen, Mission 3:16
David Crowder Band, No One Like You

Also, we’re working on maybe posting our full aircheck (all the talk, none of the music. KMNU.) for you to listen to if you missed the show, but no luck as of yet… we’ll keep you posted as we make progress.

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