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Hard Rock Night, 10-14-08

Some nights you need beautiful music.

Some nights…

…you just need to rock.

Tonight was that night.


Ride, Rope and Destroy- Guerilla Rodeo, Guerilla Rodeo
American Kryptonite- Five Iron Frenzy, The End is Near
God is Not a Secret- The Newsboys, Shine The Hits
Amplify- Roper, Brace Yourself for the Mediocre
Redemption- For Today, Ekklesia
Jesus Freak- dc Talk, Jesus Freak
Crossfire- Pillar, The Reckoning
No Fall To Far- Becoming the Archetype, Terminate Damnation
Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste- Norma Jean, Bless The Martyr & Kiss The Child
Blessed Are The Land Mines- Brave Saint Saturn, Anti-Meridian
Two More Weeks To Go- The W’s, Trouble with X

Here is the air-check. It is a very rough cut; but I am a lazy person. Also we talked way too long yet again tonight. I hereby officially promise to work on that.

A couple of special announcements that were made tonight:
-There will be a benefit concert at Homer’s Coffee House on 80th and Metcalf on October 31st. Go and enjoy some amazing coffee beverages, some sweet music, and support a good cause. Also wear a costume.
-Becoming the Archetype has a new album coming out in early November, and the first track from this album will  be on their MySpace on the 20th of this month.
-We will be interviewing braveSaintSaturn this Wednesday, and the whole interview will be hosted uncut(ish) on the blog and broadcast in parts on the web-stream. Check it out!
-braveSaintSaturn has a brand new album, Anti-Meridian, available at and on iTunes. You are required by the laws of awesomeness to check it out. Thanks to Dennis, Keith, Reese, and Andy for putting this out.


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